Loyalty programmes are good, Personalisation is great

2015-07-09 | by Smollan

Personalisation is a key trend, expressing itself in multiple ways from products (such as personalised Ice Cream from the Magnum Pop-up store) to offers, to loyalty programmes. This year, retailers will need to re-look how they reward and incentivise shoppers through actions, engagement and dynamic pricing tailored to a shoppers’ lifetime value.
Customers now have a desire for bespoke programmes as they receive better offers and more tailored recommendations for products they want, based on accurate data. This upswing in customer expectations has increased the demand for loyalty programmes to be more accessible across communication channels to create a seamless shopping experience.
This year and in the years to come, loyalty and reward programmes will have to evolve to become more imaginative, more integrated and more interactive to keep shoppers engaged and coming back for more.


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