The Smollan Social Impact plan

2015-09-01 | by Smollan

We have throughout our 84 year history been a company with a concern for the people who work in the business, the communities in which we operate, and those that we deal with as partners. As the company has expanded to five continents with over 50,000 people, this is no less true. In fact, the bigger we get, the greater our role becomes in ensuring that we continue to play a positive role in all our spheres of influence, and the more meaningful we can make our social impact.

It is for this reason that we re-shaped the way in which we state our purpose to make this even more explicit. This is now at the heart of our corporate strategy.

With offices around the world, large fleets of vehicles and substantial travel, we consume resources. At the same time, we have a responsibility to ensure that we have a beneficial impact on the lives of the people in our employ, their families and the communities in which we operate.

We all need to play a part in creating the necessary changes to our environment and for our communities. Those businesses that adapt to this new reality and have a positive impact in what they do will gain advantage and continue to grow. Those that don’t will become irrelevant.

To read the social impact plan, click here.