Top global shopper trends in 2016

2016-02-16 | by Smollan

1. Constantly-connected shoppers

Today’s shopper has the power of technology and is demanding constant connectivity with retailers, which will enable them to use their mobile devices during the path-to-purchase. In order to survive, retailers and brands need integrated omni-channel solutions to serve these shoppers.

According to a study by Accenture, “nearly 75% of consumers (in developed markets) admit that they prefer to reference their mobile device than to ask a sales associate for help.”

These shoppers who are driving retail innovation are socially connected, own their shopping experience, are tech-savvy, connected to the internet, expect the latest technology and demand convenience. Successful retailers and brands are implementing solutions to utilise these valuable shopper’s existing technology in order to create brand advocates and drive sales across multiple channels.

2. The store of the future

We anticipate the continued adoption of mobile devices such as mPOS systems and in-store tablets to improve customer experience and assist in speed checkout. Along with this, forward-thinking retailers will leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in their locations to streamline in-store shopping experiences and create an interactive shopping journey. However, it is now more than ever, essential to provide excellent customer experience, a drive to educate, a sense of community and interactive component that is unique to the store to keep shoppers coming back.
3. Creating engaging shopper experiences

It is becoming increasingly important to create relevant, engaging and tailored shopper experiences to effectively win loyalty.

In order to achieve this, retailers and brands will need utilise and carefully select useful customer data. Understanding these insights will allow retailers and brands to understand their shoppers, forecast behaviours, develop products and promotions and create personalised experiences on a mass scale.
4. The evolution of loyalty programmes

Traditional loyalty programmes will no longer survive in today’s retail environment. Shoppers are now willing to exchange information for valuable and relevant promotions. This exchange will allow for more accurate, insightful and accessible data. It will also play a pivotal role in providing information about customers and providing a customised shopping experience. In turn receiving loyalty from their shoppers.
5. The on-demand economy

Retailers and brands will now have to cater for a generation of shoppers who demand instant gratification, and will need to provide the shortest, easiest and most enjoyable path-to-purchase.

Retailer partnerships, Amazon’s Dash replenishment button, Domino’s text ordering with emojis and Massmart’s “click-and-collect” lockers at petrol stations are just a few examples of how brands and retailers are innovating in order to satisfy their shopper’s needs and meeting their expectations.


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