Omni Channel retailers will continue to thrive

2015-06-08 | by Smollan

In 2014, we saw shoppers increasingly interacting with retailers across multiple channels from in-store to web, to social and mobile platforms. In 2015, this trend is likely to become the shopping norm in developed markets and consumers will expect a seamless hybrid shopping experience from their chosen retailers.

“Price-sensitive” and “want-it-now” shoppers will optimise “showrooming”, where customers will view in store and buy online and “previewing”, where customers will find an item online and check if it is in stock at a local store for immediate pick up. Particularly in apparel, entertainment and electronics.

One of the many benefits to retailers are the embedded analytics, which are increasingly becoming more advanced. These powerful applications will produce more personalised reports that will help managers make more informed decisions based on insights and information direct from their consumer’s comprehensive demographic profile and purchasing behaviour. Retailers that have invested in these systems are seeing reduced cost and deeper visibility into inventories, real time updates, reduced out-of-stocks and an increased ability to forecast, target and promote products to specific consumer segments.

Retailers and suppliers embracing multiple channels to serve customers will be some of the more successful ones in 2015.



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