Understanding the Shopper Through Data

2015-12-09 | by Smollan

The effective use of customer data in providing relevant, personal and enticing shopping experiences is becoming more and more important for retailers and brand owners alike. According to Planet retail’s Shopology research, the demand for more relevant, tailored shopping experiences is on the rise and is influential in choosing a retailer and brands, as well as being a huge driver of loyalty and spend.

Data will play a pivotal role in providing information about shoppers, and delivering a better, customised and relevant shopping experience. Improving the experience and increasing brand traction requires a fundamental shift in the interaction between retailer and shopper.

While shoppers are increasingly willing to part with personal data, they now know the value of it. In return for sharing data, they want a more relevant experience. This is especially true of millennials, who believe that in exchange for sharing their information, they should receive more.

Data capture is no longer about how shoppers use and shop the store. Customer knowledge solutions that provide a clear picture of order history, purchasing habits, demographics and shopper needs are now imperative in order for retailers and brand owners to win and maintain shopper loyalty.

“42% of shoppers claim their retailer of choice is influenced by receiving a more personalised experience that is tailored to their needs.”

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